Breakin’ Even Fest 2: Music Video Playlist

You know the headliners – we already covered them in Breakin’ Even Fest 2: Who’s Headlining? Now it’s time to get to know some of the other acts in no particular order.

Honah Lee (NJ)

Honah Lee’s brand of catchy, melodic rock and roll is a celebration of music and mayhem. Leading up the early 2015 release of 33 on 45, Honah Lee released a music video every month in 2014. These music videos are collected on the DVD Music To Look At.

American Television (DC)

American Television is a melodic punk rock band from the DC area. Their EP, Reaction, has drawn comparisons to Against Me!, The Offspring, and Smoke or Fire. They’ve covered ground from NY to NC playing songs about growing up but not growing old.

Teen Death (RVA)

Richmond based grunge trio, Teen Death has been quiet for a minute but we’ve woken them from their slumber. They have somehow channeled Kurt Cobain through a dusty OUIJA board in their basement and have him writing their chord progressions from beyond the grave and it’s fucking sick.

Aspiga (NJ)

Indie-Punk 3 piece from NJ with releases on Asian Man Records and Paper & Plastick. Started as 4-track acoustic recordings, the band has gone on to become a tight 3 piece that play up and down the east cost. Playing heartfelt songs about loss, family, and self-enquiry.

Dead End Lane (Baltimore)

Dead End Lane is fronted by Erin Slcst. They are a Baltimore based horror punk band who have not only shared the stage with The Misfits, but recorded backups with them for their 2013 cover of Science Fiction Double.

They’ll transform you like Jeff Goldblum in The Fly.

More AM Than FM (DC)

Maryland Rock trio More AM Than FM fuse punk rock and the blues. They will be warming up the crowd as a 2-piece for Breakin’ Even Fest. So don’t miss their stripped down performance.

Dot Dash (DC)

DC’s Dot Dash have produced 5 albums in 5 years. This trio’s combination of adroitly poppy melodies with an often visceral instrumental attack (drawing comparisons to The Jam, The Replacements, and Big Star along the way) remains undiminished; their latest album Searchlights offers more musical dynamics than they’ve previously displayed.

Boardroom Heroes (DC)

Started by 2 brothers bound by a shared love for skateboarding and 90s punk rock, Andre and Augusto Pagliarini formed Boardroom Heroes in 2011. This 4-piece from DC does not hold back.

Check out their latest EP, Past Lives when you get a chance. Fast, melodic, skate punk.

Flowerbomb (VA)

Beautiful song writing, unafraid of addressing the issues of mental health and self-doubt. Virginia’s, Flowerbomb will be releasing their first recording right before Breakin’ Even Fest and we could not be more excited.


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Breakin’ Even Fest 2: Who’s Headlining?


May 5th 2017: The Sidekicks & Pkew Pkew Pkew

Formed in 2006, The Sidekicks worked their butts off playing shows, sleeping on floors, and recording on shoestring budgets. As they matured, so did their music – this is evident by the contrast of 2007’s So Long Soggy Dog and into 2012’s Awkward Breeds. In 2014 they released Runners In The Nerved World on Epitaph Records, which earned them high scores from, where Steve Ciolek’s voice is compared to that of Band of Horses.

Breakin’ Even Fest will host them right before they embark on recording their 5th Full Length, their 2nd on Epitaph. We’re excited to hear the next evolution of their song writing.

We saw Pkew Pkew Pkew open for PUP at DC9 and fell in love. They are a hilarious band out of Toronto who have mastered the art of writing songs about skating, pizza, and people telling them to turn it down. They’ve jammed it all into one Self Titled masterpiece. And by the way, not only do they have their own hot sauce (Asshole Pandemic), they just wrapped a tour with Anti-Flag & Reel Big Fish.

May 6, 2017: Restorations & Worriers

Philly rock band, Restorations have an immense sound. Their songs swirl through their crowds, and if you take a moment to look around it’s almost as if everything is moving in unison. Though this is their first time at Songbyrd, they’ve played all the DC staples – DC9, Black Cat & Rock And Roll Hotel.

The band has worked with Jon Low (producer of The National’s Trouble Will Find Me) on their last 2 LPs, simply named LP2 & LP3. Their Breakin’ Even Fest performance will be their only performance between now and May.

They’ve been featured on NPR’s Tiny Desk series, and also recorded a 12 minute instrumental for Call + Response at DC’s Hole In The Sky entitled, Alright Boys, When We Get To The Airport, There Will Be Absolutely No Place To Land which 16 artists then interpreted into visual art. We hope you’re ready as ever to spend the night with these dudes.

Worriers is the brainchild of Lauren Denitzio with the help of various stand outs in the punk rock scene. Their approach to melodic punk rock has earned them tours with Beach Slang, Against Me!, and soon in support of The Weakerthans’ John K. Samson for his latest solo album.

Worriers’ first LP Imaginary Life was produced by Laura Jane Grace and was released on Don Giovanni Records in 2015.

photo credits
Sidekicks, Steve Ciolek: Jess Flynn
Restorations,Jon Loudon: Rebecca R Photography

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Here it is! The complete lineup for Breakin’ Even Fest 2!

The shows will be taking place May 5th and 6th at Songybyrd in Washington, DC. And we’re happy to say it’s ALL AGES this year.

We are huge fans of each and every band on the weekend, so please if you haven’t heard of someone check them out. Maybe they’ll become your new favorite band! You can listen to everyone on the bands page.

We hope you can join us for our second year. Single day tickets and weekend passes are available now. GET YOUR TICKET!

We also want to thank the sponsors of this year’s fest. Your support of this event is one of the main reasons we’re able to pull this off.

Announcements For Breakin’ Even Fest 2 Happening Next Week.


We’re extremely excited for Breakin’ Even Fest 2!

We started this from the heart, and we feel like we’ve put together an incredible lineup with something for everyone. We’ve also worked to make this year All Ages so EVERYONE can join us and forget their worries for a few days.

Breakin’ Even Fest // May 5 + 6
Announcements Next Week. You’ve been Warned.

Breakin’ Even Fest II


We’re excited to say that we have begun planning for Breakin’ Even Fest II.

After hosting the SOMNIA / Amanda X show with Art Sorority & DiCaprio last night, we were feeling incredible to see such a supportive crowd throughout the entire thing. We were sure in that moment that it was time to start prepping for Year #2.

So give us a little help and like the Facebook page, spread the word, and let us know about local bands that might be interested in playing.

Here’s to the not so distant future. #breakineven